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We exist so that parents get out and sitters get jobs

It’s ridiculously simple...

  • Search

    Enter a date and time and let us show you who’s available and how you’re connected

  • Find

    View the profiles of available sitters. See which of your friends have hired them and if they’d hire them again.

  • Book

    Click ‘Book’. We’ll handle the requests, confirmations and reminders via email and text

  • Safety and trust

    Safety is everything to us. Sitterfied was built with our own kids in mind. Multiple verification points (social connections, reviews, recommendations) and privacy measures allow you to connect, meet and hire with confidence.

  • Friend verified

    How many times have you asked a friend for a sitter recommendation? Now Sitterfied does the work for you. Access your existing social networks (like Facebook) to see who knows, who’s hired, and who recommends the sitters you find.

  • Great sitters at the drop of a hat?

    Challenge accepted! We help you grow your sitter dream team so if one’s not available, there’s always another who is.

  • Search simplified

    Enter a date and time to find and book a trustworthy sitter in minutes.

  • Your personal assistant

    We’ll help you stay on top of your bookings with calendar updates, timely reminders and job details via text, email or both.

  • We’re mobile

    Our site will adapt to any mobile browser so you can access Sitterfied on the go. Because, let’s be honest, when are you ever not on the go?

Help sitters. Help yourself. Help your friends.

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